Accessing your student email account


For the new academic year, your new email address is in the new format: [student ref] 

Your account has been set with a temporary password, so once you sign in you'll be asked to set your new password and register for password reset to allow students to reset their own passwords if they have issues in future.

Our systems are linked so once you have logged in and set up your Microsoft account, this will be the password you can then use to access CANVAS.


Please follow the below steps to begin.


Type into the address bar of your internet browser: (or click the link) Then hit enter on your keyboard.

Below is the standard Microsoft login page




You would then type in your new email address:  [student ref] 


Then type your temporary password, which is your Date of Birth in this format: DD-MMM-YYYY  (example: 01-mar-1995)

Please include the dashes " - " when typing the password.

You'll then be asked to change your password then add additional info for registering for the password reset facility to allow you to reset your own password in future. From there it should load your main page. 


If you need further steps with screen shots please click here to download our PDF guide on accessing your college account.

1 02 512


If you have any further problems accessing your new emails / files please email on the student service desk:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Please quote your Student ref in your email and we can further assist.