Changing Windows 10s to Full version


If you were provided a recent laptop from the college, this laptop would have been sent directly to you from our supplier and may need additional activating and then a version change to full version to allow you to install additional apps.

This page has some steps to take you through activating and changing your Windows 10 version. please read carefully.


The machine just needs to be changed from Windows 10 S to the full version which is free to do.

Attached below is a video on how to do this. Click the below video link to a short Youtube video with steps on how to do this.


windows 10 cropped for promo


This should also activate the Windows version at the same time. If it doesn’t then try just activiating Windows, you can do this doing the below steps.

These laptops can usually activate themselves but some occasionally need to just be manually activated online:

  • Open Settings
  • (Quick way is click the Settings Cog icon on Start menu or on your search or Cortana bar type "Settings" and it brings up the Settings App)
  • When in Settings click "Update and Security"
  • Click on the left hand side menu option "Activation" (or just type "activate" into the Taskbar search then click Activation Settings)
  • If the new window that loads says Windows is not Activated, then if you have an option to click and Activate, try it.
  • If there's no option that says Activate, then press the Troubleshoot button which forces it to check the version and to activate.
  • (Ensure you have no firewall or VPN software running as this will block it from activating)


Once Windows is activated you can then follow the steps in the above youtube video link, to change Windows S to a full version of Windows 10.

(These steps have been tested with other students)

You can try these yourself and if you get stuck you can then contact ICT and we can help.