Full-time students need to apply for council tax exemption

Exemption forms are available from your council.  If you are a Full-Time student, you may qualify for an exemption or discount from Council Tax resulting in you paying a reduced amount of Council Tax or not having to pay anything at all.

Students living in the Glasgow City Council area are only required to complete section 1 of the form.  It is not necessary for the college to complete section 2 as this information is sent automatically to Glasgow City Council (unless you chose to opt out of this at enrolment). 

Glasgow City Council are keen to ensure that all Students in Glasgow are receiving all reductions they are entitled to and have agreed a process with Glasgow Clyde College to provide information relating to your student status via electronic transfer (unless you chose to opt out of this at enrolment). If you have agreed to share your information, you only need to complete an application form to allow them to process a Council Tax discount/exemption.

To submit an application form, please go to www.glasgow.gov.uk/ctstudents.

For more information on Council Tax for Students, please see their web page at www.glasgow.gov.uk/ctstudentinfo.

Did you know you can now view your Council Tax details online? Go to www.glasgow.gov.uk/ctebilling for more information and to register.


Glasgow City Council's form is available to download or to complete online.

If you have any questions please speak to a member of the Student Advice Team at your campus.