There are many ways to fund your studies whilst at Glasgow Clyde College, for most students it will be College Bursary, EMA, Student Loan and SAAS funding.

For those students who find themselves in a position where they are not eligible for this funding below is a link to our Educational Trust Booklet.  The contents of the booklet are to assist you in seeking additional support to help with your studies. (insert link)

In addition detailed below are some helpful publications that are available in larger public libraries.  The Mitchell Library hold these publications within their “Quick Reference Section” on level 4:

  • Directory of Grant Making Trusts
  • The Guide to Educational Grants
  • The Grants Register
  • The Charities Digest

The College also works in collaboration with both The Robertson Trust and the Helena Kennedy Foundation, details of both funds are publicised at the appropriate time (January/February for the Helena Kennedy Foundation and February/March for the Robertson Trust) on the Student Intranet, and more detailed information is contained within the Educational Trust booklet.

Also contained within the booklet are links for Trust and Scholarship information for Scottish Universities and the more popular English Universities that Glasgow Clyde College students articulate to.

A paper version of the booklet is available at The Student Advice Centre at each of the College campuses.