Students are invited to attend any of the IDEA Group meetings:

Please see the IDEA Group Meeting schedule for 20018-2019 attached.

These groups meet to discuss and resolve issues which are inclusive of the nine protected characteristics identified in the Equality Act 2010. The membership of each group consists of students and staff who have either a personal interest in related issues or who are supportive and wish to be involved in solution focused action.

We have arranged an advanced schedule of meeting dates/times across the 3 campuses available in order to allow as many interested students as possible to attend.

If you can please confirm your attendance at any of the meetings 48 hours before the meeting you wish to attend to allow for catering arrangements as a light lunch will be provided at each meeting.

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions/queries etc as I will be delighted to hear from you.

Caroline Hutchison

Equality & Diversity Officer

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

0141 272 3639


The remit of each group is to:

1.         Raise awareness across college of the existence of the particular forum and related matters.

2.         Provide a point of contact for individual staff or students to discuss related personal or group issues.

3.         Represent students, staff and current and potential stakeholders’ interests as appropriate.

4.         Communicate and feedback regularly to the cross college Strategic Equality & Diversity Action Group.


IDEA Group Dates for 2018-2019


September 2018

Tuesday 25th            12.15pm-1pm @ Cardonald (Business Centre Room 3)

Wednesday 26th       12.15pm-1pm @ Langside (Boardroom)

Thursday 27th          12.15-1pm @ Anniesland (Boardroom)


November 2018

Tuesday 27th            12.15pm-1pm @ Langside (Boardroom)

Wednesday 28th      12.15pm-1pm @ Anniesland (Boardroom)

Thursday 29th           12.15pm-1pm @ Cardonald (Business Centre Room 3)    


January 2019

Tuesday 29th            12.15pm-1pm @ Anniesland (Boardroom)

Wednesday 30th      12.15pm-1pm @ Cardonald (Business Centre Room 3)

Thursday 31st           12.15pm-1pm @ Langside (Boardroom)


March 2019

Tuesday 26th            12.15pm-1pm @ Cardonald (Business Centre Room 3)

Wednesday 27th      12.15pm-1pm @ Langside (Boardroom)

Thursday 28th          12.15pm-1pm @ Anniesland (Boardroom)


May 2019

Tuesday 21st            12.15pm-1pm @ Langside (Boardroom)

Wednesday 22nd     12.15pm-1pm @ Anniesland (Boardroom)

Thursday 23rd          12.15pm-1pm @ Cardonald (Business Centre Room 3)